Safeguarding wildlife and empowering local communities in Sub-Saharan Africa
and the Indian Ocean Islands

Sub-Saharan African countries have long been recognized for their breathtaking safari experiences, showcasing the wealth of wildlife and wilderness that spans many national boundaries. In their own way, the Indian Ocean Islands offer wildlife watching with creatures unique to themselves on land and along the reefs that surround them. Safaris not only captivate the imaginations of adventurers but also play a crucial role in the economic stability and growth of the region.

Safari Directions, advocating sustainable safari tourism, is committed to fostering the continued success of this industry throughout the sub-continent and ocean territories. By promoting responsible tourism practices and highlighting the significance of wildlife conservation, we aim to safeguard the natural resources that contribute meaningfully to the GDP of the countries involved.

We believe that by raising awareness and supporting charitable organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Kalahari Meerkat Project, and Investec’s Rhino Fund, we can help protect endangered species, marine life, and biodiversity in these fragile ecosystems.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we aim to collaborate with local communities, endeavoring to empower them and create a sense of ownership over their natural heritage. This approach aligns with the tenets of the World Sustainability Congress, promoting responsible tourism that benefits both visitors and locals alike.

As the global community recognizes the importance of conservation efforts, Safari Directions encourages individuals to support these noble causes. By engaging the specialists in the Safari Directions network, travelers can play a direct role in preserving the natural wonders and cultural heritage of the region, while simultaneously immersing themselves in unforgettable experiences.